Winter Bliss Buzzz 2018 with Irena Bliss

Aloha Bliss circle,

Cultivate good relations...
with yourself, with others, with all life.
In the Hawaiian culture there is a word "pono" which describes this kind of 'right relationship', in harmony with self, with others, and with Mother Earth. Cultivate practices that support an open body, mind & heart, heal imbalance, and foster deeper understanding and acceptance. Be ease-y on this journey with yourself and others...

I am happy to share offerings supporting transformation, harmony,
well-being, peace and joy!
: )

Thai Yoga Massage
Private Sessions (Yoga, Meditation, Intuitive Art, Guidance)
Hawaiian Healing sessions
Yummy Vegan Pumpkin Bars Recipe : )
Solutions for lighter footprint living on Mother Earth

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Happy Holidays and many blessings in the New Year!
love and namaste, Irena

Bliss Thai Massage 

Bliss Thai Yoga Massage

Treat yourself... to a restoring, relaxing massage involving static and rhythmic pressures, and a variety of yoga-like poses. Throughout the treatment, targeted acupressure is used to replenish energy stores, open the body, and create a deep state of relaxation.

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Email Irena to book your Thai Massage session and for more information.

Irena is certified in Thai Yoga Massage.

Gift Certificates are also available.


Bliss Yoga Meditation and more with Irena

Bliss Yoga, Meditation & more...

Enjoy practices that amplify well-being, balance and joy : ) with Bliss yoga, meditation, intuitive art, expressive dance, and more.
No experience necessary. Beginners and all levels are welcome.

Email Irena to learn more and to arrange a private or group session.

Some examples of Yoga offerings:

Gentle Yoga: Wind down, open, come home to yourself with this nurturing class that combines gentle yoga and some meditation. Suitable for all levels, including beginners.

Yin-Yang Yoga: Enjoy a rejuvenating flow that may blend various studies - breathwork/ pranayama, Kripalu/Hatha yoga, flow yoga, restorative & yin yoga, eye yoga, guided relaxation, visualization, & meditation. Suitable for all levels of experience.

Guided Relaxation/Visualization,
Guided Meditation,
Chair Yoga,
Partner Yoga,
Beginner Yoga,
Kids Yoga, and Family Yoga
sessions, and more are also available.
Please contact Irena to arrange.


Hawaiian Ha Breath Healing Session

Hawaiian Ha Breath Healing

Experience the powerful wisdom and healing grace of a Hawaiian Ha Breath session. 
With the power of intention and the use of the breath, a Ha Breath session allows you to evolve consciousness, raise your vibration, and release blocks, to create greater clarity, freedom, joy, and ease! Irena guides you in this 'safe space' and nurturing, empowering experience.
Click here to learn more.
Read some client testimonials.

Email Irena or call (landline):
416 594 0004 / 289 646-1515 for more information and to book a session.


Bliss Private Sessions

Private Guidance Sessions

Irena Bliss uses an intuitive, grounded and energetic approach to help you tune in, release, create clarity, and expand into a more authentic fulfilling life!

I am happy to offer Private/Skype sessions for clients seeking personal expansion, transformation, and development. The focus is on ease, peace, joy and empowerment!

Read some client testimonials.

Email Irena to book a private session.

Private Guidance Sessions with Irena Bliss

Vegan Pumpkin Bars

Vegan Pumpkin Bar Bliss



Vegan Pumpkin Bars Recipe
This vegan recipe is simple and yummy! : )
You can play with the amount/type of natural sweetener, explore other nut butters, and also add in other options (eg., chocolate/cacao, chopped walnuts, etc). It creates a lightly sweet, moist bar/loaf.


3/4 cup creamy almond butter
1/2 cup pumpkin puree
1 overripe medium banana
1/4 cup pure maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp coconut flour (I used brown rice flour)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
Optional: 1/3 cup chocolate chips and/or walnuts, 1 tsp pumpkin pie spce (or other options)

Preheat oven to 350F.
Apply coconut oil to the bottom of a 8x8in square baking dish (I used a 9in pie dish).
Place almond butter, pumpkin, banana, maple syrup, and vanilla in a medium bowl. Stir until well-combined (I used a hand mixer).
Add the rest of the ingredients, stirring until smooth.
Pour into prepared baking dish, smoothing with a spatula. Bake for 30 minutes or until a knife inserted into the center comes out clean.

Since I didn't add chocolate/chips into the mix (only chopped walnuts), I also created a light topping of melted raw cacao with a touch of maple syrup and cinnamon, which I drizzled on top.
Happy creating & eating!
: )

Click here to learn about other healthy recipes.

Love and take care of Mother Earth


"We are the ones
we've been waiting for."
(Hopi Elders)

Drawdown Book

Drawdown Book
The inspiring Drawdown book describes the 100 most substantive solutions
to global warming.



Let us be the change.


EARTH Awareness & Gratitude

Love and take care of Mother Earth.
Aloha ʻĀina, Mālama ʻĀina.

Begin to cultivate a deeper relationship with Mother Earth. Reflect on how your daily choices (consuming/producing) affect her and our relatives - the plants, animals, waters, lands and all life. Expand your awareness to see how your intentions and daily actions impact her and all life.

Our 'modern' human behaviour has diminished/destroyed natural ecosystems and biodiversity, and tended to block the natural 'flow' of Mother Earth, through a human consciousness of fear, disconnection and 'not enough'.

Consider how you can live more simply, with less, in greater harmony, and restore a humble place for humans in the circle of life. Focus on inspiration and solutions, co-creating with others in joy and possibility!

I'm happy to share an inspiring book "Drawdown" - a western/science perspective on how we can effectively reduce our carbon buildup/footprint.

Also practice cultivating a deeper spiritual, emotional relationship with Mother Earth and all life here. Listen to her when you spend time outdoors - spend time walking on the land, being by the waters, trees, animals in a humble, good way. Offer them your gratitude and love, and be open to listening to and honouring their needs.

Explore your own lighter footprint living options: Read about my own explorations in Being An Earth Steward Blog. This year I also happily continued along this path by learning/working at an organic/biodynamic farm, living in an ecovillage, and continuing to connect within Indigenous communities. Be open to and trust your own intuition guiding you forward on your path...

Let us question our current 'economy' / way of life and create a new 'economy' based on well-being and heart-based community, living in harmony with Mother Earth and all life!


Irena Bliss Youtube Channel

Bliss Youtube Channel! : )

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Enjoy some practices and other sharings at your leisure...

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Irena Bliss Winter Buzzz... Happy Holidays & New Year Blessings

May you know your power as a co-creator
in harmony with your heart/spirit & Mother Earth,
and enjoy many blessings in the New Year!

namaste & aloha, Irena

Ignore those that make you fearful and sad." Rumi

"Momoe aku I mua."
(Move ahead with determination.)
Hawaiian ‘Ölelo No‘eau

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