Spring 2019 Bliss Buzzz... flow with Irena Bliss

Aloha Bliss circle,

Live in the flow...

What is 'the flow'? Flow is the state we embody when
body, mind and spirit are aligned and become 'one'.
In this state of being we are tuned to the 'quantum field'
or broader consciousness which has a signature of peace, gratitude,
joy, compassion and love... and a feeling of complete well-being!

Cultivate daily practices that invite you into this deeper union...
and become aware of what naturally amplifies your energy this Spring
(and shift or remove what drains your energy! : ).

Some heartfelt sharings...

Guided Meditation to enhance 'Flow'
Earth Love - Spring Cleanup Yoga : )
In Loving Memory of Elders
Indigenous Allyship -
Become informed with April 8th ICC Training at NCCT

Some Bliss offerings to support your flow
and Spring rejuvenation...

Hawaiian Healing sessions
Thai Yoga Massage
Yoga & Meditation Private/Group Sessions
Intuitive Guidance
Sharing Heartnut Love : )

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Enjoy your flow into Spring...
May you be nourished with the energy of renewal and new beginnings! : )
love and namaste, Irena


Spring Earth Love


Spring Robins flocking

Earth Love
- Spring Cleanup Yoga : )

Take care of Mother Earth and your body this Spring... enjoy some Spring Cleanup Yoga! : )

In doing so, you will not only help to restore natural spaces, but also give your body a deep stretch in all directions, along with some good deep breathing! : )

Every day enjoy a walk outdoors or time in your garden, breathing in the beauty, and give love and thanks to Mother Earth.

Share appreciation with all the other beings too- the plants, trees, waters, sky, sun, moon, birds, other animals, and more.
Hello again dear Robins! : )

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I'll meet you there."



Guided Meditation to enhance Flow

Allow yourself to come to a quiet spot, seated or lying down.
Relax your shoulders and allow the body to settle. If seated, allow your spine to be long and supportive. Then:

Bird nest and spacious sky

  • Place one hand on your heart and feel the connection.
    The heart is the home of the soul, the deeper self.
  • Close your eyes and draw your attention inwards. Allow your body to relax and simply breathe. Draw slow full inhales through the nose (if possible), and release long full exhales through the nose/mouth.
  • Begin to tune to the space in your mind... feel/see the head filling with white, clear light. Feel, sense the spaciousness. Take several full deep breaths here.
  • Tune to the space between your eyes, and feel the space between your eyes opening, and expanding with light. Take several full deep breaths here.
  • Tune to the space of your heart, and feel your chest, your heart, opening and filling with light that flows in all directions. Take several full deep breaths here.
  • Tune to the space of your lower abdomen, and feel/see this bowl filling with cleansing light that expands in all directions. Tune to this pelvic bowl of light and take several full deep breaths here.
  • You may wish to rest for several minutes, like in savasana, then simply reawaken and ground yourself with some deeper breaths, gentle movement, and come back to full awareness in the room.

Notice how you feel after this simple meditation.
Take this energy of spaciousness with you as you go about your day.


dear Nibi Water honouring Grandmother Josephine Mandamin Water Walker

Anishinaabe Nibi Nagamowin:
The Water Song

Nibi, Gizaagi’igo
Nibi, Gee-zaw-gay-i-go
Water, we love you

We thank you

We respect you


dear Nibi Water honouring Grandmother Josephine Mandamin Water Walker

Honouring Elders...

Grandmother Josephine Mandamin passed on to the spirit world in Feb 2019.
As an Anishinaabe Elder she was part of the Mother Earth Water Walkers, and inspired so many (including me) with her powerful message, teachings and wisdom!

Please join me in paying heartfelt respects to dear Grandmother Josephine Mandamin by taking up her cause, especially as women, to protect and take care of the Water for future generations.

Josephine Mandamin walked all 27,000 kilometres of Great Lakes shoreline, and raised awareness about the issues affecting all water. And she reminds us that we are the water.
Let's walk in her footsteps and love and take care of the Water.

In her honour... sharing the Anishinaabe
Water (Nibi) song -
please offer this song to the water every day. Water is Life!

Miigwech dear Grandmother Josephine Mandamin!



In the spirit of being a more informed, responsible Indigenous ally, please consider taking this awesome Indigenous Cultural Competency Training offered at NCCT - session coming up on April 8th!



William Merwin Palm Forest

Also paying respects to dear poet William S. Merwin, who passed on to spirit this March 2019 at his home in Maui. His was also a life fully lived, honouring of the Earth. Remembering William Stanley Merwin.

I had the great pleasure to visit Merwin's Palm Conservancy as part of an Indigenous Crop Biodiversity Festival on island, and was so inspired by his life's work to restore the land, to live Aloha ʻĀina, Mālama ʻĀina (loving and taking care of the land), and his humble home that seemed to be a living part of the forest.
I also enjoy his beautiful poetry, steeped in feeling and nature's imagery.

Mahalo dear William Merwin!
May we carry on your legacy of loving the Earth and living a full creative life!

Hawaiian Ha Breath Healing Session

Hawaiian Ha Breath Healing

Experience the powerful wisdom and healing grace of a Hawaiian Ha Breath session. 
With the power of intention and the use of the breath, a Ha Breath session allows you to evolve consciousness, raise your vibration, and release blocks, to create greater clarity, freedom, joy, and ease! I will guide you in this 'safe space' and nurturing, empowering experience.
Click here to learn more.
Read some client testimonials.

Email Irena for more information and
to book a session.


Bliss Thai Massage 

Bliss Thai Yoga Massage

Treat yourself... to a restoring, relaxing massage involving static and rhythmic pressures, and a variety of yoga-like poses. Throughout the treatment, targeted acupressure is used to replenish energy stores, open the body, and create a deep state of relaxation.

Learn more >

Email Irena to book your Thai Massage session and for more information.


Bliss Yoga Meditation and more with Irena

Bliss Yoga, Meditation & more...

Enjoy practices that amplify well-being, balance and joy : ) with Bliss yoga, meditation, expressive dance, art and more.
No experience necessary. Beginners and all levels are welcome.

Email Irena to learn more and to arrange a private or group session.

Some examples of Yoga + Meditation offerings:

Guided Meditation,
Guided Relaxation/Visualization,
Mudra Meditation,
Beginner Yoga, Gentle Yoga,
Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga,
Yin-Yang Yoga,
Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga,
Chair Yoga,
Partner Yoga,
Kids Yoga, and Family Yoga
sessions, and more are also available.

Please contact Irena to arrange.


Bliss Private Sessions

Private Guidance Sessions

Irena Bliss uses an intuitive, grounded and energetic approach to help you tune in, release, create clarity, and expand into a more authentic fulfilling life!

I am happy to offer Private/Skype sessions for clients seeking personal expansion, transformation, and development. The focus is on ease, peace, joy and empowerment!

Read some client testimonials.

Email Irena to book a private session.

Private Guidance Sessions with Irena Bliss


Heartnuts in basket

Heartnuts in basket

Sharing Heartnut Love

I discovered these beautiful heartnuts in the Niagara region. Inside they have a creamy softer type of nut... a real treat! : )

When rapped on the crack edge, the heartnut opens like a locket, and reveals it's lovely nut inside.
Note: It's best to use a small hammer on a hard surface like concrete or stone to crack them open : )

Learn more about heartnuts at the awesome Grimo Nut Nursery www.grimonut.com/.
I've also enjoyed Grimo's local black walnuts and the very delicious indigenous pawpaw fruit.

Thank you Mother Earth, and all those working with her, for sharing such diverse, nourishing harvests! : )

Irena Bliss Youtube Channel

Bliss Youtube Channel! : )

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Irena Bliss Spring Bliss Buzzz... flow!

May you enjoy many Spring blessings ahead!
namaste & aloha, Irena

"Momoe aku I mua."
(Move ahead with determination.)
Hawaiian ‘Ölelo No‘eau

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