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Follow your Heart and Allow Your Own Freedom

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Irena Bliss... follow your heart

This summer was a potent reminder for me, reflecting how when I let go and follow my heart, all sorts of delights cross my path! : )  It can take courage for us to let go and step into the unknown, and yet in this space we are met with grace and many joyful unfoldings. Follow your heart inspiration every day, and enjoy an abundant harvest of joyful thriving!

Inspiration comes from the root, ‘in spirit’, and I feel the heart is the home of our spirit or soul.  We can call this 'source consciousness', spirit, soul, inner guidance, god, one light - whatever word resonates.

Find a way day by day, moment by moment, to be in alignment with who you are.

And in this space of soulful flow, you may shift how you relate and engage with others – to become more present and unconditionally loving, joyful and ‘enough’ in the now. 

It is important that we also learn not to give ourselves away or give ourselves up to others in relationship, as this never fills up anyone else anyway, and we each have our own connection to infinite source, within us.

We may also begin to better recognize when a relationship or setting no longer resonates or ‘fits’ us, especially if we’re unable to shift into a truthful, ease-y, aligned way of being when we’re there.  We may instead find that we’re consistently feeling more ‘drained’, repressed, annoyed, or guilty.  Know that this awareness is okay and give yourself permission to then change your circumstances – you may need to perhaps leave a relationship (family, friend, colleague) or a particular setting, or lessen your focus, time or availability to it.

Honour your own alignment as the primary focus, and trust that this will serve the highest good for all! Free yourself from what others may ‘want’ or think about you (good or bad : ), and allow yourself to act from a place of inspiration and joy!

Do more of what you desire every day, and release any guilt you may feel around this. Give yourself permission to expect others to be fine in their own alignment, and to expect others to know you will also be fine in yours! Really give your attention and commit to choosing what is inspiring and enlivening to you every day. This is the heartstream path! : )

You may notice that when you commit to choosing what feels good/true, some people may become quite 'creative' in how they may try to keep you in a place where they understand/relate to you.  Know it is ok to leave an environment that no longer serves you (or limit your focus/time with it), especially if you’re not able to shift into ease while you are there.  Know that you are not ‘running away’, but are truly running ‘in’ more deeply to yourself.  Those that truly love you (unconditionally), will always feel good about you choosing your thriving and will not have ‘hooks’ to keep you where they want or ‘need’ you.

Begin to discern when you’re drawn to leaving – are you leaving out of joyful seeking? or are you leaving from annoyance/discord?  Simply notice, and begin to shift your choices towards seeking what is enlivening and joyful for you, and diminish your focus on any discord.  In this way, you will be tuning yourself more fully to your heart/source vibration, and less to any frustration around non-alignment. 

Set yourself free, and release any ‘hooks’ or guilt you may feel with others.  Know that when you set yourself free, you truly set all others free around you!  Simply decide that you are no longer taking responsibility for how anyone else feels, even as it relates to you and your actions.  Free yourself from this big ‘hook’, of believing that others must care about what you do, and that you must care how they feel, resulting in your having to do what they ‘want’. This is a recipe for a very codependent scenario that limits honest expression, soul alignment, and true thriving!

Let us allow our actions to arise from a place of inspiration and then, an unconditional desire to give and share!  We then move into our unconditional heart space and away from ‘duty’, with ourselves and with others. Our relationships then become places we meet others in alignment - in joy, love, appreciation and play! : ) 

We learn to trust in the aligned wisdom of those who cross our path, and release any expectations around who ‘must’ meet us there, allowing everyone else the freedom of their own journey.  We can simply hold a spaciousness, and a hopeful possibility that all people may align or bridge with us in good ways, although we keep our primary focus on our own soul alignment.  In this way, we shift the tone of our relationships, and our focus to ‘self-responsibility/thriving’ and let everyone else ‘off the hook’! : )

Let us meet each other in these graceful, loving, inspired heart spaces, and co-create in beautiful ways for a harmonious new Earth.  In this sweet heart space, we have the possibility of very healthy long-term relationships – based on love, appreciation and truth, even if the form or context may change over time.  Love will always prevail.  Let us be grateful and appreciative of all we have lived thus far. And recognize that even the more contrasting, challenging experiences help us to refine our awareness and capacity to be who we are more fully.

So teach from the clarity of your own life example.  Get out into the world and be alive and joyful! : )  Follow your heart and demonstrate your autonomy, your alignment with who you are, and your thriving!
We must practice this first within ourselves before we can demonstrate and share it.  Be ease-y in your flow and allow yourself the space and time necessary to feel this alignment within you.  Know that when you are out in the world thriving, all people at a soul level will appreciate and be inspired by your beautiful light and wholeness!

Trust that in this space of inspiration and alignment with who you are, you will be guided to share and co-create with others in good ways, true to your heart.  Trust in ‘the universe’ to orchestrate these alignments easily, based on vibrational truth in the now.  Allow yourself to simply be present and enjoy this unfolding ease-y heart path!  Set yourself free to dwell in heart space, and know the love, joy and beauty that you truly are.


Wishing you much joy and peace on path,

Irena Bliss heart open


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I am happy to create 'soul space' for you to let go, open,
tune in, feel, move, delight and play in... love, Irena

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