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Mother Earth Love... Tree Sisters! : )

Beautiful Tree Sisters


I love you Tree Sisters


Let us Create New Harmonious Realities!


Thank you dear Tree Sisters

Share love, thanks, and appreciation with beautiful Mother Earth today.
Thank you dear Mother Earth for your beauty, strength, and sustenance every day!

The Earth represents the feminine. -
Reflect on how you can balance the feminine within and without. Reflect on how you can simplify, and live in ways that honour Mother Earth. Reflect on your own energy and behaviour... be willing to release patterns of taking, dominating, manipulating, judging, and controlling. Reflect love, appreciation, and well-being in the world.

How can you give to Mother Earth, take as little as possible, and honour the feminine (inside and out) today?

Every day, love and steward the Earth -
feel & send good thoughts of love, respect and thanks to her. Connect with her how you can. Take some time to be an earth steward, ie., walk gently, pick up litter, speak up for her, and show her love and respect. Be an Earth Steward.

I love the dear Tree Sisters and have played in a 'sacred space' with them for almost 20 years! : )
Sharing my appreciation of them:

Dear Tree Sisters,
Thank you. I love you.

You have grounded, soothed, and nurtured me for many years. I am so happy to be part of your Earth family! : ) Your beautiful trunk, branches, roots and canopy have supported, protected and inspired me! The lovely dandelion leaves growing amidst your roots have nourished me : ) I have happily shared love and friendship with you over these many years. You are a great blessing in my life. Thank you for your love, wisdom, friendship, support, strength and great beauty! Thank you for being part of my Earth 'ohana! : )
I love you forever, and watch over you always. We are always connected and one in spirit. May you live out your days in peace, love, joy and beauty, and know how much you are loved and appreciated. Thank you, thank you, and I love you.
     love & gratitude, Irena

Let us love and respect Mother Earth today, and walk gently on her.

Believe that another way of living in harmony with Mother Earth and all life is possible! We are dreaming and dancing in new realities here! : )

Calling all girls and women -

It is time to stand in our full power!

Speak up / out for what you want to see and create in the world!
Gather together with other women.
Stand up for Mother Earth, the land, waters and all life,
for the well-being of future generations!

Expand awareness, take responsibility, and release all the ways
that you've been co-opted into seeking external approval,
have given up your power, and have accepted imbalanced systems.
Let us lead a new reality and create harmonious
ways of living/working together!

I am inspired by the strong, wise women leaders
of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.
Be courageous!



Irena in Bliss with Tree Sisters


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I am happy to create 'soul space' for you to let go, open,
tune in, feel, move, delight and play in... love, Irena

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