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Testimonial - Guided Meditation

"The healing (meditations) that you provided to me were instrumental in this healing process. Thank you very much... it was an awesome place to receive restorative energy that I needed greatly. Had the best sleep I have had in a very long time. I appreciate your guidance and readings of my situation and knowings...it was highly acknowledging... you just knew what I had endured and what I needed to hear to move forward and that was highly healing and validating. You are a talented, beautiful and spirited woman! I appreciate your support in bringing me fully home."
(Bliss client, S.)

Testimonial - Hawaiian Healing

"I am so grateful for the safe, loving space that Irena created for me throughout my session. It was such an amazing experience - other-worldly and yet one of coming home to myself. I gained such clarity and insight around the intention I had set and these have continued to stay with me."
(Bliss client, F.)

Testimonial- Private Session

"Irena, thank you so much for the session. It was so nourishing, revitalizing, clearing, empowering, supportive, and life-affirming. I felt like I could go every week! It is amazing to not have to go through life changes and transitions alone, and to be supported on all levels. I especially appreciate that you see and want the best for me--to embrace myself and be embraced truly and fully by life."
(Bliss client, S.)

Testimonial - Private Session

"I had the most amazing experience with Irena... It was for me a journey of complete surrender to the healing process. I will cherish her beautiful energy... and look forward to having the experience many times."
(Bliss client, G.)

Testimonial - Bliss Yoga & Dance

"Bliss Yoga stretches both your body and your mind - awakening your potential to do anything. I look forward to Irena's class every week."
(Bliss Yoga client, S.)

"Irena is a delightful, warm, welcoming, friendly person. My experience with Bliss Dance was wonderful. I want to do it every day! My definition of it is dancing from the heart with total freedom from inner or outer judgments. I felt great for the whole day. Irena’s Bliss dance plus art is truly a one-of-a-kind experience and I highly recommend!"
(Bliss Dance client, M.)

Testimonial- Intuitive Art

"Your Intuitive Art Workshop was so beautifully choreographed and such a joyful space to be in as well. Thank you for the care and love you bring to all you do. Such a pleasure."
(Bliss client, M.)

“You are an inspiration for women... to rejuvenate even when they have fallen or mistreated themselves or others through the mind. I celebrate you in your art and coaching, giving people their wings back and their courage to dream anew.”
(Bliss client, S.)